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UNIBE University Leads a Transformative Dental Mission in Carrizal, Dominican Republic

In an unprecedented collaborative effort, UNIBE University of Santo Domingo, along with various non-profit organizations such as Fundación Cantalicia Payamp, APRODECA, Rotary Club Santiago Monumental, and Fundación Rincón de Piedras Unidos, conducted a significant dental mission in Carrizal, San José de las Matas. This event was distinguished not only by its focus on dental health but also by strengthening community bonds through care and dental education.

A Large-Scale Event From early on, the atmosphere in Carrizal was one of anticipation and activity. The local community, together with professionals and dental students from UNIBE, worked hand in hand to provide free dental services to over 300 patients.

The president of Fundación Cantalicia Payamp, Magdalena Frías, and Rosi, a representative from APRODECA, shared their vision of the impact and importance of such initiatives. Both leaders emphasized the need for access to dental health services, especially in communities where resources are scarce.

A Touching Documentary A special segment of the event highlights the story of a little Haitian girl who traveled with Juan de Dios Collado from Las Lagunas Arriba Las Placetas because she needed to have five molars removed due to severe pain. This story will be presented in a documentary format on our main channel "JuandeDiosenlatierra"

Orígenes y Gente @JuandeDiosenlatierra. Through this documentary, you will be able to learn more about the life of the Haitian community in the Dominican countryside and some of their struggles.

Impact and Future At the end of the event, a sense of achievement and hope was palpable. The renewed smiles of patients and the gratitude expressed were a testament to the mission's success. The collaboration among the different organizations and the university not only provided immediate dental relief but also laid the groundwork for future interventions in Carrizal and other similar communities.

This event is a shining example of how collaboration and education can transform lives, underscoring the importance of continuing these missions.



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