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Poor Kids Laughing

Charity Projects

The First Families Projects are in progress!

The first series are already in progress and we have some episodes available. We will focus especially on the education of children and young people since they are the ones who can make a better future possible.

To support the families and, at the same time, the good mission and vision of the Rincón de Piedras Unidos Foundation, the donations received for these projects in alliances with Juan de Dios en la tierra will be used 80/20. 80% is for the direct help of the families and 20% for the mission and vision of the foundation.

It is possible that in some cases the project is something directly related to the projects of the foundation and in that case it is possible that 100% of the funds are for the project in alliance with Juan de Dios on Earth.

If you or your organization is interested in collaborating or going to work directly with communities and families, you can contact the Foundation or Juan de Dios Collado.

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