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Episode 1 | The Morán Ureña Family Series | Journey to the Roots

Magaly with Her Children and Mother-in-Law Minerva - 2022 🌟👩‍👧‍👦👵

In the documentary series "Juan de Dios en la tierra Orígenes y Gente," we embark on a deeply humane mission: to discover and support families from remote mountain communities in the Dominican Republic. We introduce the Morán Ureña Family from the Las Lagunas Arriba sector of the Las Placetas District. This family, exemplary in their humility and beauty, represents the essence of mountain life, where their four children, full of innocence, dreams, and hopes, face challenges in precarious economic and housing conditions. Our project, initiated by JUAN DE DIOS EN LA TIERRA INC and our foundation, aims to be a beacon of change, improving the lives of these families and offering the children a brighter future, a future that their parents didn't have the chance to achieve. Throughout this series, we will share their daily life, struggles, and triumphs, with the goal of accompanying them in their growth and development towards a self-sufficient and prosperous future.

The First Episode: Discovering the Morán Ureña Family

In our first episode, we head to Las Lagunas Arriba, beyond Las Placetas and Las Lagunas. This journey takes us to the heart of the Dominican Republic, not just to explore its natural beauty but also to delve into the life of the community and meet its inhabitants.

Madelin with her parrot

María and Las Lagunas Arriba

The story begins with María, a resident of Las Lagunas Arriba. Through her, we explore the daily life of this region, discovering its essence and the stories of its people.

Jamamucito: A Community in the Heights

Jamamucito is known for being one of the highest communities in the country, and possibly in the Caribbean, due to the proximity of Pico Duarte. This place sets the stage for the unfolding life of the Morán Ureña family.

The Reality of the Morán Ureña Family

Upon arrival, we meet the Morán Ureña family, a home full of love but marked by difficulty. Their four children bring their innocence and hope into an environment of challenging economic and housing conditions.

A Project of Hope and Commitment

Our commitment to this family goes beyond documentation. We seek to improve their living conditions, build a new home, and ensure proper education for the children.

Collaboration and Call to Action

We invite everyone to collaborate with this humanitarian effort. Through the alliance with the Fundación Rincon de Piedras Unidos, we seek support to change the life of the Morán Ureña family and other similar families.

Conclusion: More than Landscapes

In "Juan de Dios en la Tierra," we aim to show the reality of our mountain communities. This project is an opportunity to change the future of the children and present the reality of life in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. We invite you to join this episodic adventure to gain in-depth knowledge of the lives of remote families in the Sierra.

For collaborations or direct work with these communities, you can contact Fundación Rincón de Piedras Unidos or Juan de Dios Collado.

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