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Since I was a child I always had the desire to travel, to have contact with different cultures, gastronomies, to know new places and natural beauties, to interact with new people, with their customs and idiosyncrasies. But analyzing in my adolescence for the future that I could expect and have in my country, due to the economic situations and moved by the need for improvement I went to the United States to obtain a better quality of life for my parents, and thus form my own family.

At the age of 19 I joined the United States Navy, moved more than once to serve this great country, I did it for my dream of getting to know the world. Last year 2021 I started a new travel project, with the social and humanitarian perspective that is one of the flags and fundamental principle to be able to make my trips in different parts of the world; because I not only wanted to film natural landscapes, and different cultures as hundreds of YouTube channels already do; but also to know the needs and social struggles because there are great public and economic deficiencies that exist especially in our Latin America. That is why I undertook the first of my trips to Lomita de Piedras as a place to visit, in the Dominican Republic, my native country, to make for all of you a series of documentaries about humble families, with scarce resources, different needs and social struggles in remote places; especially to make visible the quality of life of children who are the future of our society, and thus to achieve positive changes with the help of public and private institutions, social foundations and you my followers giving the contribution you can, in the way that is within your reach and no matter how humble it is.

We all know that one person is not capable of making a difference, but all of us together, fraternized in a single purpose, can definitely make great changes in each of the populations and families we visit.