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Lomita de Piedras

Lomita de Piedras, Rincón de Piedras
Distrito de San José de Las Matas

Dominican Republic

This docuseries of Lomita de Piedras by Juan de Dios Collado, is the first of several docuseries that will be made to get help and to show the simple life of remote places in our country and possibly other countries in the not too distant future.

Lomita de Piedras is a sector of Rincón de Piedras in the Dominican Republic. It is a small community with many needs; Perhaps the greatest need apart from the most obvious needs is to strengthen the knowledge and development in the education of children and young people.


We hope that these docuseries are of great pleasure to you; I think they will help many to recognize how blessed we are, having everything within our reach in countries like the United States that give us all the opportunity to achieve our dreams.

Do not miss episode number 3 and 4 very soon where you will be able to appreciate new information that is very important for this sector and is honestly not very favorable for this project. Despite the inconveniences of this project, we will keep it active in our networks and in Juan de Dios en La Tierra for any help that our followers want to offer for the sector.

If you or your organization is interested in collaborating or going to work directly with communities and families, you can contact the Foundation or Juan de Dios Collado.


Donations Received as of 01/28/2022


Thank you all for helping these families

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