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Familia Morán Ureña

The Morán Ureña Family, Las Lagunas Arriba
District of Las Placetas

Dominican Republic

We present the Morán Ureña Family of the Las Lagunas Arriba, sector of the District of Las Placetas in the Dominican Republic. A humble but beautiful mountain family representative of the remote communities of the mountains, noble and hardworking people who in their family nucleus have four children with their innocence, their dreams, their concerns, their hope and their desire to live, sadly as you can see, they live in quite precarious economic and housing conditions. We hope that little by little with the collaboration of all of you in this process that we have started from JUAN DE DIOS EN LA TIERRA INC and the Foundation, we can help them change their lives, giving children the opportunity to live a better future; future that unfortunately was cut short for their parents. In this Docuseries you will be able to observe the daily life and real life of this noble Dominican family, the childhood of their children and their social development. We hope to continue recording for many years to accompany them in their progress of family nucleus, the growth of children not only in size and age, but also in their living conditions in all general aspects of the individual to become motivated independent professional women and men. succeed.

Let us all help break the generational chain of poverty that for years has condemned hundreds of mountain families. The children are the main reason for wanting to invest all our efforts, time and resources with each remote family since they are the ones who have the opportunity to be the positive change for their homes.

We are sure that you will fall in love with the Morán Ureña family, with the innocence of their children, with their desire to excel, and of course with the natural beauty that surrounds them, with their humble but delicious gastronomy from the landscapes of the mountains of the central mountain range. from the Dominican Republic. Join this episode-by-episode adventure to gain insight into the lives of remote families in the Sierra.

If you or your organization is interested in collaborating or going to work directly with communities and families, you can contact Fundación Rincón de Piedras Unidos or with Juan de Dios Collado.

Update: We hope to begin contruction of their new home in 2023. So far we have commitment for $10,000 from supporters

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Donations received in 2022 - 2023: $7557.00

Distributed: $4790

Remaining funds: $2767

Monthly Supporters

1 - Juan de Dios Collado

2 - Joselito Collado

Past Supporters

1 - Eduardo Collado

2 - Charo collado

3 - Fredys Collado

4 - Mery Collado

5 - Millie Vasquez

Committed to build the family a new home soon

1 - Joselito Collado

2 - Pedro José Collado

3 - Rafa Reyes

4 - Nicio Vargas

5 - Nelson Collado

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