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Traveling we can discover fantastic places, but many need our help to make them something more.

Juan De Dios


About me

     I am Juan de Dios, American and Dominican, I have decided to create for you content such as adventure social traveler, a great experience for everyone in which you will accompany me to discover natural wonders, especially in Latin America, but with a social and humanitarian perspective.


    It is not a typical trip, to know only the well-known places, it will be a unique experience where you will see the most remote places, the culture, gastronomy and idiosyncrasy of our beautiful people with their social and economic conditions, focusing on promoting from our humble contributions and visibility the improvement of the conditions and social struggles of the communities and people that we visit.


   This is my dream of sharing recommendations and inspiration with you, where I will show you that you can also travel and see the world helping others in this super cultural experience.

With the purchase of any of our products, you contribute to the discovery of more fantastic places and that we achieve the necessary alliances to make the impossible possible.

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