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Juan de Dios en La tierra - La voz de la gente


From JUAN DE DIOS EN LA TIERRA INC. We have decided, in addition to tourism, to focus on disseminating and collaborating with the brutal and just socio-environmental struggles of our nations, because as adventure travelers traveling through several countries we have not been able to ignore the different problems of the communities we visit; In recent decades, a complex and diverse set of collective actions have intensified in our Latin American countries, such as in my native country, the Dominican Republic, based on communities and rural towns that resist large corporations and public or private companies, in alliance with government institutions that intend to deprive them of their lands, territories and natural resources, to carry out a wide range of supposed economic projects, such as the implementation of ecocidal infrastructure mega-projects such as hydroelectric dams that would cause mega eco-diverse, extra activism from mines to open pit, among other destructive projects that cause disease and death.

The biodiversity that can be destroyed is impressive and that goes hand in hand with the cultural diversity of the populations that inhabit these regions, since peoples live in these spaces, heirs of knowledge, practices and worldviews that enrich and safeguard one of the greatest varieties of fauna and flora that inhabit forests, jungles, rivers and coasts of our countries.

We are talking about regions abundant in resources, biodiversity and cultural diversity, which, paradoxically, also show the map of marginalization, socioeconomic inequality, poverty and misery, since the peoples who live in territories abundant in natural goods such as in the Dominican Republic they are the poorest in the country.

A process of impoverishment and inequality due to the dispossession and appropriation of natural assets to insert them into the market and thus obtain significant profits and rents, which economic groups promote to appropriate natural and community assets such as water, forests, soils, minerals and sources of energy, which allows corrupt companies and corporations to obtain high rents from extraordinary profits generated when these goods are incorporated and valued as merchandise in product markets or in the global financial system.

Dispossession implies an extreme form of exclusion, polarization and economic and social inequality, not only due to the appropriation of natural and community assets, converted into wealth for a few companies, and poverty for the majority of the populations in our countries. This trend that plunders the peasant and native populations of their territories, to turn them into part of their large economic projects that extract natural goods and leave environmental devastation in the ecosystems, is supported by the treasonous and corrupt governments of the day that have generated all the conditions for the dispossession with modifications of laws, facilitation of licenses and concessions behind the backs of the original people, promotion policies, public budgets, protection of private economic investments and even of international fraudster companies, in order to accelerate the looting of the natural assets. Not only displacing the livelihoods of peasant populations but also causing strong environmental ecocides.

Faced with this situation, this sister channel will be based on the principle of contributing to the development of the environmental and ecological, social, economic, educational, spiritual and cultural environment of the populations; That is why we have undertaken a set of social activities to support these noble and humane causes in the fight to defend what is ours, since we understand that almost all the communities with great natural beauties in our countries are caused by deficiencies in their living conditions, threats to their environment caused by all these fatalities, and this cannot be matched to achieve the social and tourist impulse so necessary for the development of our nations.


Juan De Dios


About me

     I am Juan de Dios, American and Dominican, I have decided to create for you content such as adventure social traveler, a great experience for everyone in which you will accompany me to discover natural wonders, especially in Latin America, but with a social and humanitarian perspective.


    It is not a typical trip, to know only the well-known places, it will be a unique experience where you will see the most remote places, the culture, gastronomy and idiosyncrasy of our beautiful people with their social and economic conditions, focusing on promoting from our humble contributions and visibility the improvement of the conditions and social struggles of the communities and people that we visit.


   This is my dream of sharing recommendations and inspiration with you, where I will show you that you can also travel and see the world helping others in this super cultural experience.

Juan de Dios en La tierra - Origenes & Gente


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