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Revitalizing Our Rivers and Soils: A Call to Action for Permaculture

From "Juan de Dios en la Tierra - La Voz de la Gente," we reach out to you, our cherished community of San José de las Matas and all of the Dominican Republic, with a message of urgency yet filled with hope. The situation facing our streams and rivers, such as Bao and Jagua, is alarming; they are disappearing due to massive deforestation. However, we firmly believe in our collective ability to reverse this trend and rejuvenate our precious water sources.

This permaculture effort finds us working shoulder to shoulder with notable figures like Rafael Brisita and other community leaders experienced in the field of permaculture. Additionally, we will collaborate with Andrew Millison, who will document and shed light on the project once we have established a pilot project. Our goal is to inspire a national competition to motivate as many communities as possible to join the project and help us rescue the rivers and streams that are drying up.

Permaculture, especially through infiltration ditches or 'swales,' has emerged as an effective solution in the fight against desertification and environmental degradation, not only in the Dominican Republic but globally. This method has shown promising results in diverse countries such as India, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. It is our time to implement these vital techniques on our beloved Dominican soil, not only to restore the vital flow of our rivers and streams but also to provide protection against sudden floods and revitalize our soils, offering farmers and ranchers more fertile and productive lands.

How You Can Help: Donations and Volunteering

For this permaculture project to be successful, we require resources and active participation from our community. This is where your essential support comes into play. You can contribute in two main ways:

  1. Financial Donations: To facilitate the funding of this crucial project, we invite you to make donations through the "Rincón de Piedras Unidos Foundation," a 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in New York and also in the Dominican Republic. Your contribution is vital for acquiring the necessary materials, tools, and logistical support for the project.

  2. Volunteering: If you prefer a more hands-on contribution, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers willing to pick up a shovel and get to work. Your time and effort are equally valuable to us.

Together, we can transform the vision of a green and prosperous future for San José de las Matas and the entire Dominican Republic into a tangible reality. This is a call to action for everyone who values the life and vitality of our land, who understands the urgency, and shares the vision of a future where our lands and rivers are brimming with life.

Join Forces for a Legacy of Prosperity

Permaculture is more than an agricultural technique; it's a philosophy of life that recognizes the interconnectedness of the land, its resources, and the community. By supporting this project, you're not only contributing to environmental revitalization but also to the creation of a legacy of prosperity and well-being for future generations.

Don't miss this opportunity to make a difference. It's time to act. Contact us today to join forces in this crusade for the life and vitality of our land. Together, we can and will achieve it.



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