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Fortifying Community Bonds: Rincon de Piedras Unidos Foundation, Inc. and Juan de Dios en la Tierra, Inc. Collaborate for Change

The Rincon de Piedras Unidos Foundation, Inc. is committed to fostering sustainable development and enhancing social welfare within our communities. On May 25th, 2024, we will celebrate Dominican Mother's Day, anticipating the gathering of over 500 attendees. This significant event will be driven by our collaboration with Juan de Dios en la Tierra, Inc. Together, we are dedicated to amplifying our impact through strategic funding and careful project execution, making this special day a milestone in our ongoing commitment to transformative community support and development.

Our journey has led to transformative projects that have reshaped the living standards in Rincon de Piedras and neighboring areas. Initiatives like the new aqueduct for Rincon de Piedras and significant contributions to community beautification, such as aiding in the construction of a new church, underscore our commitment. Continuing this legacy, the Foundation commits 30% of proceeds from our upcoming fundraising event to essential projects orchestrated by Juan de Dios en la Tierra, Inc. This includes advancing the construction of a home for the Moran Urena Family in Las Lagunas Arriba, as depicted in the docuseries “Crónicas de la Familia Morán Ureña.” Moreover, we are contemplating the commencement of a residential project for the Moran Espinal family in Jamamucito, a narrative captured in “Crónicas de la Familia Morán Espinal,” further advocating community empowerment and resilience.

Furthermore, the funds raised will support the Permaculture initiative spearheaded by Juan de Dios Collado through the YouTube channel "JDT La Voz de la Gente." This initiative is focused on rejuvenating and preserving the Dominican Republic's waterways, addressing the urgent issues of water scarcity and environmental degradation.

Juan de Dios en la Tierra, Inc., through its platforms "JDT La Voz de la Gente" and "Juan de Dios en la tierra - Orígenes y Gente," pledges to share 50% of all sponsorship revenues with the Rincon de Piedras Unidos Foundation. This partnership amplifies our united mission to enrich and nurture our communities.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

- Bronze Level ($250)

  - Acknowledgment in the event's video slideshow and honorable mention by the Master of Ceremonies (MC), displaying gratitude for the support.

- Silver Level ($500)

  - Video slideshow and MC acknowledgment at the event.

  - Inclusion in the event’s video by Juan de Dios Collado on the Foundation’s YouTube channel and Juan de Dios en la Tierra’s two channels.

  - Opportunity for a one-minute presentation during the event.

- Gold Level ($1,000)

  - All Silver Level benefits.

  - Two-minute presentation slot at the event.

  - Recognition on Rincon de Piedras Unidos Foundation and Juan de Dios en la Tierra’s event article and websites.

  - Two VIP event tickets, subject to availability, for an enhanced experience.

- Platinum Level ($2,500 and above)

  - All Gold Level benefits.

  - Prominent feature in the docuseries related to the Moran Urena and Espinal family construction projects.

  - Five VIP event tickets for a premium experience, subject to availability.

  - Special web section, press releases, and social media features, plus participation in project-related ceremonial events.

The collaboration between Rincon de Piedras Unidos Foundation and Juan de Dios en la Tierra exemplifies the power of unity in forging a brighter future for our communities. We warmly invite you to be part of this impactful journey towards lasting change. For tickets, sponsorship opportunities, or further information, please contact Juan de Dios Collado at 631-683-3459 or email below. Together, we are poised to build a legacy of hope and transformative action.



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